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In-state and out-of-state

Step 1
  • Complete a Fort Mojave Indian Tribe (FMIT) job application form, you may print the form here or visit FMIT Human Resources at 500 Merriman Avenue, Needles, CA 92363.
  • Visit and complete or update a Personal History Packet. AZPOST is the governing body for all AZ law enforcement officers. You will be prompted to share the personal history packet with the agency you are applying for; choose Fort Mojave Tribal Police Department (FMTPD). AZPOST will provide you with an AZPOST Form ID number. Record this number for your records and print it on the front page of the FMIT job application.
  • Return the completed FMIT job application form with the provided AZPOST Form ID number printed on the front page to the FMIT Human Resources Department.
    • To be considered an in-state lateral the candidate must be in good standing with AZPOST and have a current or unexpired police officer certification.
    • To be considered an out-of-state lateral the candidate must be a person who served honorably as a peace officer in Arizona and whose certified status has lapsed, or a person who has functioned in the capacity of a peace officer for another state or a federal law enforcement agency, who may be eligible to gain AZPOST certification through Waiver Testing in lieu of attending an Arizona peace officer basic course at an academy.
    • For the in-state or out-of-state lateral to be eligible for an enhanced starting pay under lateral officer pay option, they must have served as a full capacity police officer with a minimum of one-year experience in patrol, excluding jail/ corrections time, extended-leave time and academy and field training time and be in good standing with AZPOST and their previous or current agency of employment.
    • After an appropriate number of candidates are available as determined by Chief of Police, FMTPD recruiting personnel will retrieve the job applications from Human Resources and a testing date will be determined.
  • For additional information about Arizona’s out-of-state officer certification process visit

The AZPOST personal history form will be reviewed, and the applications reviewed for thoroughness; after your review if you are chosen you will advance to step 3.

Step 2
Step 3

An oral interview will be scheduled with the applicant. The interviewing panel will include at a minimum two law enforcement officers and one civilian selected by the Chief of Police.

Receive a conditional letter of hire and move onto step four. This step is two phase and consists of: 

  • Psychological Examination
  • Controlled Substance Screening
  • Medical Examination
    • The medical examination includes:
      • Standard Physical
      • Hearing Test
      • Vision Test
      • Medical History
      • Color Blindness Test
Step 4
Step 5

Interview with the Fort Mojave Tribal Council

In-state and out-of-state lateral candidates that meet the minimum requirements, may be eligible for a hire starting pay at the discretion of Chief of Police; areas taken into consideration include years of experience, specialty training, needs of the Department and other pertinent factors. Out-of-state laterals are Initially hired as recruits pending successful completion of waiver exams. They may be eligible for the enhanced lateral wages once the waiver exams and AZPOST certification is obtained. Out-of-state laterals hired as recruits who do not successfully complete the necessary waiver exams within the times allotted or do not qualify with their firearm or other AZPOST requirements to obtain certification in Arizona, may be offered a police recruit position or be separated.​​​

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