Fort Mohave Police Department

To report a crime or non-emergency call: (928) 346-1521



Step 1
  • Complete a Fort Mojave Indian Tribe (FMIT) job application form, you may print the form here or visit FMIT Human Resources at 500 Merriman Avenue, Needles, CA 92363.
  • Visit and complete a Personal History Packet. AZPOST is the governing body for all AZ law enforcement officers. You will be prompted to share the personal history packet with the agency you are applying for; choose Fort Mojave Tribal Police Department (FMTPD). AZPOST will provide you with an AZPOST Form ID number. Record this number for your records and print it on the front page of the FMIT job application.
  • Return the completed FMIT job application form with the provided AZPOST Form ID number printed on the front page to the FMIT Human Resources Department.

After an appropriate number of candidates are available as determined by Chief of Police, FMTPD recruiting personnel will retrieve the job applications from Human Resources and a testing date will be determined.

The AZPOST personal history form will be reviewed, and the applications reviewed for thoroughness; after these applicants will be contacted and a Written Examination test will be scheduled. The test consists of the following blocks:

  • Math
  • English
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Problem Solving
  • Report Writing

All blocks are timed, and applicants must score a minimum of 75% on each block to progress.

Step 2
Step 3

Those candidates that pass the written test will be invited to attend the Police Officers Physical Agilities Test (POPAT). The test consists of the following:

  • Obstacle Course
  • 165 lbs Dummy Drag
  • 500-yard Sprint
  • 6’ Wall Climb
  • 6” Fence climb

All events are timed, a minimum score of 384 must be achieved, the POPAT must be passed to progress with further testing.

  • An oral interview will be scheduled with the applicant. The interviewing panel will include at a minimum two law enforcement officers and one civilian selected by the Chief of Police.
Step 4
Step 5
  • Psychological Examination
  • Controlled Substance
  • Screening
  • Medical Examination
    • The medical examination includes:
      • Standard Physical
      • Hearing Test
      • Vision Test
      • Medical History
      • Color Blindness Test

Interview with the Fort Mojave Tribal Council

Recruits that pass all six steps of the hiring process will attend the Police Academy and then receive field training with training officers after which they will be full police officers and assigned to a patrol shift.

Step 6

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